Rentals and Your Cheap Car Insurance

Chances are, you probably know that your cheap car insurance plan covers rental vehicles in the event of an emergency. Perhaps you never took advantage of this offering from your cheap car insurance company, or you never had the need to. However, now, you are starting to wonder how your cheap car insurance company can help you if you need a rental vehicle.Check Your Plan and Policy
When you want to learn specific information about your own cheap car insurance plan, you need to take a look at whether or not car rentals are included in the plan. Most [time-restrict on=”2016-01-19 18:00:00″][/time-restrict]car insurance Texas[time-restrict on=”2016-01-19 18:00:00″][/time-restrict] companies have provisions made if you need a rental car. However, imagine that yours does not and you end up in a situation where you need a rental vehicle. Finding a cheap car insurance company that offers rentals, or altering your current plan, can save you money and stress in the future. You can find a great policy from many insurance websites such as and

Add Rental Coverage to Your Policy
Let’s say that you find out your cheap car insurance policy does not cover rentals. You should absolutely add rental coverage on, but you may express concerns about the cost even though you have cheap car insurance. Adding rental coverage to your policy protects you if you need a rental vehicle, but this type of coverage does not need to cost you a tremendous amount of money. Therefore, if your current cheap car insurance plan wants to charge a lot to add rental coverage, you can look around for another plan that is more affordable.

When Rental Coverage Applies
You may think that you can just rent a car at any time that you want since you have added this option to your cheap car insurance plan. However, that is generally not how cheap car insurance works. The rental coverage is there in the event that your car is damaged in an accident. Your cheap car insurance plan understands that you need a vehicle to get to work and to other obligations, so the company will cover the cost of the car or help you pay for it. That doesn’t mean you can use your cheap car insurance to pay for a rental when you want to take a random road trip.

Pricing Information
Do not just assume that your cheap car insurance is going to pay for everything. You should determine what exactly your cheap car insurance covers before you end up in the need of a rental vehicle. For example, you are going to have to pay for gas when you have the rental car. You also should find out what happens in the event that the rental car is involved in an accident. Furthermore, you must ask your cheap car insurance company if a deductible applies. On top of that, you should ask what happens if the accident with the original car was your fault. Knowing how all of these situation affect your rental is important to know.

Also, you should ask your cheap car insurance company if you are able to rent out any car that you want or if you will have some limited options from which to choose. Not only should you find out if you are limited in type of car, but also in the rental establishment. A cheap car insurance company may require you to rent a vehicle from a particular entity.

Cheap car insurance is great because you can get a rental car if you need one, but you should take the time to learn more about your policy first.

California Health Insurance

Californians have a wide range of health insurance plans that they can choose, the insurance options include; individual and family medical plans, Medicare plans, dental insurance, accident insurance and short term medical insurance. However, according to, out of California’s 36.4 million residents, about 18.4% are uninsured. The number of California residents enrolled in HMO’s is 15.6 million. The health insurance plans offered in California are mostly private plans and exchange plans. Private plans are general targeted at single individuals who make $50,000 and families that make over $100,000 a year. The exchange health insurance plans, on the other hand, are targeted at individual who earn less than $50,000 and families which make less than $100,000.

California Health Insurance Quotes can be sought online, on various health insurance company websites. The most commonly requested details, if you want to get a quotation include; zip code, gender, date of birth, type of coverage and information about smoking. To subsidize the cost of health insurance, California residents can make inquisitions to see if they qualify for tax credits under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Eligible Californian children can also seek coverage under low cost health care programs such as Medicaid and CHIP program. Under these two programs, children can get routine check-ups, dental care and immunization. The other benefits include doctor visitations, routine hospital care visits during sickness and prescription medication.

Health Insurance Marketplace
The California Health insurance marketplace is also known as Covered California. This online health insurance exchange program offers a pool in which insurance seekers can shop and choose a health insurance plan that is suitable for them. All information about Covered California is found in the website, The insurance companies selling their policies on Covered include; Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross of California, Kaiser Permanente, Chinese Community Health Plan and Sharp Health Plan. The other top insurers in the plan are Western Health Advantage, Molina Healthcare, Valley Health Plan and L.A Care Health Plan. Health insurance seekers can also visit these companies websites to find out more about their California Health Insurance Rates and coverage details.

Cost of Health Insurance
Although California Insurance quotes varies from one plan to the other; in most cases, the higher the premium, the more coverage you receive. However, before the insurance coverage kicks in, insured persons are required to pay the deductible amount. The other payments that may be accessed include coinsurance and copayment, although this is dependent on the selected plan. Co-insurance is a fixed percentage of health insurance service cost. For example, if your co-insurance is 25% for a medical service that costs $500, you will be called upon to pay $125, before the insurance cover steps in to cover the remaining cost. Copayment, on the other hand, is a fixed amount that is paid for services rendered. For example, the insurance plan can mandate that you pay $40 for every visit to the specialist or $15 every time you visit your primary care doctor.

Health Insurance Paperwork
Health insurance comes with an enormous amount of paperwork; the main documents include a summary of health insurance benefits and coverage, an annual health insurance sign up plan, explanation of benefits form and medical bills. If you have enlisted with the Affordable Care Act, the act recommends that employer health plans and private insurers issue a list of the benefits and insurance cover details to the insured person. The bill, on the other hand, contains information such as name and address of the healthcare provider, insured person’s name and account, date of bill, treatment and description of medical services rendered and charges.